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Think U Know Global network of professionals with a passion for protecting young people. Advice on how to stay safe online.


EFlightWiki Do you know what a 'Wiki' is? Visit this site to either learn about electrics or contribute your experience.

RCGroups/EZone The EZone has to be in your 'favourites' as it is an outstanding site. Free online magazine and huge reference database. Very addictive discussion forum! The search capability allows you to find almost anything, and if not, just ask the rest of the world!

The Future is Electric A major electric modelling site by Ken Myers. Free on-line monthly newsletter. Every link you can imagine. ESSENTIAL READING is shaw1(...4).pdf (755kb) which will help you design and lighten aircraft. On the same page scale.pdf suggests that Clark Y and NACA 2412/2410 are good airfoils for models.

Ornithopters The O Zone 'Flapping Flight Forum' is not about electrics but 'Freebird 2' is great for a little fun when you next fly indoors.

SEBRFC where I spend most weekends flying. Our club is affiliated to the BMFA...

BMFA The British Model Flying Association is the UK's controlling body for model aircraft and is a good source of info.


LRK Group 'Advanced' discussion group for LRK and CDRom motors. The daily summary is a good way to stay in touch.

POWER CROCO Outstanding site by Ralph Okin. Ralph drove the development of the Crocodile motors based on his earlier experience with motors based on Iomega Ditto drives.


PROFILI Outstanding program for designing airfoils. Free and cheap versions available. Stefano now also has a huge collection of free plans.

Foils Reasonable airfoil plotting program produced by John Hunt and is currently free (455kb). I like the washout option. Cannot draw spars.

PLOTFOIL can also draw spars, well sort of. It's harder than most programs to install on a PC though.

The Incomplete Guide to Airfoil Usage provides a list of airfoils used on over 5500 aircraft. Root and tip airfoils provided.

TraCFoil seems to do a good job with many options. Available as a free 45 day trial.


Scale Model Research Bob Banka has this site which is major source of scale documentation (commercial). He has an on-line catalogue (pdf file) for his thousands of 3-views and photo packs. I've always been EXTREMELY impressed with the speed with which Bob has sent my order. UK supplier.

Eduardo has about 700 3-views on his site which he makes available for free. Won't suit F4C scale documentation but is nevertheless useful. Similar information here, perhaps better presented.

Flight Sims Have a range of free 3-views.

Aerofiles Basic information on aircraft manufacturers, over 10,000 US aircraft types and 1,800 photos. A good starting point when assessing the feasibility of scale projects.

Fantasy Planes if you are into the exotic!

Ezone You might like this thread on Mystery Planes too.

Unreal Aircraft The name probably says it all.

Vortex Vacuum formed plastic pilots and other stuff.


FlyingWings UK supplier of blocks and sliced sheets of the normal 'coarse grain' EPP. Lots of sizes (many thicknesses and most 600x900mm) and even two colours.

Flying Foam USA supplier who sell both blocks and sliced sheets of the normal 'coarse grain' EPP. They use a saw to cut sheets down to 3mm thick so they have no skin. Blocks are up to 4.75" thick.

HEItec German supplier with varying thicknesses and densities.

RobotBirds Have been known to stock some sheets in the UK.


Flite Hook can mail order fairly large sheets of Depron in the UK (600x800mm I believe) and can sell you double this size at the major shows. Here is their Email address and phone number 023 8086 1541.

DepronFoam for 2, 3 and 6mm depron in the UK.

Floor Heating Systems/Handy Heat/Depron Foam in the UK have 2, 3 and 6mm depron in white and grey.

Depron Australia for 2, 3 and 6mm depron in low volumes.

SAMS specialise in free flight in the UK and sometimes have various sizes and thicknesses.

Peck Polymers has been a regular supplier for Depron in the US.

Selit manufactures 'Selitron' in Germany which seems to be a Depron equivalent. Web site in English and German.

Saarpor manufacture another Depron equivalent called 'Climapor' in Germany. Web site in English and seven other languages. They list their European retailers.

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