Fly Electric!

Bubbles Key Statistics

Wing span: 54"
Wing area: 611 sq"
Wing loading: 15 oz/sq'
Weight: 61oz
Motor: Astro 15 Cobalt #615
Gearbox: Astro standard 2.38 : 1
Prop: Master Airscrew 11x7 Electric
Prop speed: 7000 RPM
Batteries: 12 x RC2000
Motor current (full power): 24.5A
Motor power: 300w
Power loading: 77 w/lb (input)
Flight times: Almost always 9 minutes
7 minutes during display flights
Up to 20 minutes gentle cruising or thermalling
5~6 minutes with camera or floats (curtailed to have power for landing)
Receiver: Dalasy 6ch single conversion
Servos: 4 x JR 331
Speed control: Jeti JES40
Rx battery: 350mah 4 cell nicad
Aircraft design: Own design
Airfoil: Own design similar to Middle Stick; almost symetrical
Wing construction: One piece; laminated spruce/balsa spars (each 1/8 x 1/4"); Depron foam ribs (3mm); balsa compression spars; built-up ailerons
Fusalage construction: Traditional open structure with built up 2mm liteply top longerons and 6x6mm balsa diagonals elsewhere
Undercarriage: Fixed; 1/8" piano wire and 2" homemade wheels; steerable tail wheel
Covering: Solarfilm
Extra features: Mounting points for float flying and internal position for camera
What would I do differently?: It would have been simpler to use 3/32 (2.5mm) balsa for the ribs (I used Depron which needs cap strips or compression spars to prevent chord-wise compression by the covering). Make sure the flight pack cannot move.

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